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CalenWho? CalenMob…That’s Who!

Posted on 23 August, 2013

Quick look: Google Calander app

Available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Also available offline

As a freelance photo editor I have to be incredibly organized in order to co-ordinate with the photographers that I work with in terms of keeping schedules, updating information on changes of jobs etc. I have only recently started sharing Google Calendar docs with the photographers I work with, which has revolutionized how we work together so I have no idea why it’s taken us this long to do that, anyway… Due to the fact that I am always running around and often don’t have the time to setup my laptop to check my calendars, I started looking around for something that would sync with my Google Calendar on my iPhone, seeing as I am never far from it.

In the ITunes App Store, I stumbled across a great app called CalenMob, which does just that: syncs with my Google Calendars, including shared calendars which is obviously imperative for me as I share calendars with photographers. This neat little app allows you to change, edit, reschedule, add, share, everything that Google Calendars allows you to do and all with the convenience of being able to do so from your phone. The interface is neat and incredibly easy to use. It gives you a month view, with extra information at the bottom showing you what you have scheduled for a particular day. This view can also be changed to a weekly, daily, or an agenda view according to your preference. You can also colour code your specific calendars so when looking at the month view you can get a quick overview of who has what scheduled for any given day.

When creating new events in your calendar you can add reminders which is very helpful if you are a freelancer such as myself and are all over the place, sometimes forgetting that you have to be somewhere in half an hour! You can also add descriptions, locations and change which calendar you would like to sync with when creating new events. Another added bonus to this gem of an app is that it automatically updates itself when events are changed or cancelled and if you are super organized (like me) you will have opted for email notifications on your Google Calendar account so that when something is changed, you are automatically notified. All you have to do then is have a quick gander at your CalanMob app and hey presto all your events are synced and up-to-date according to what’s just been changed. Simply marvelous!

Turn Ons:

  1. Syncs with Google Calendars
  2. Easy to use
  3. Colour-coding of events

Turn Offs:

None – this app does exactly what it needs to without unnecessary frills.

Price: Free

Rating: 10/10

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